Need opinion on budget build

Hey guys,

I've just created this system, and I was wondering on what you though of it.

I want to use this for gaming and just general computer usage.

When it comes to games I will probably be covering a large array of genres from some FPS to RPG and Strategy and also indie games.

I'm not too worried it if can't play everything on ultra setting at a crazy FPS, as long as it's pretty good then I'm happy.



Here's a thread with a similar budget.

Get a phenom ii x4 965 be it is worth the extra bux in the long run.

Agreed with Skewt, the Athon with a 7770 is a bit weak, I would spend the extra cash on the Phenom 965 if you can.  Other wise it looks alright.


Yeah, I was wondering if the CPU would just bottleneck the GPU. 

That's cool, with the Phenom 965 it equals about £410, including a monitor and everything which os ok with me. 

I'll just have to torrent a version of windows.

Cheers guys.