Need new RAM, any suggestions?

Lookin for a DDR3 RAM for the Asus Formula 4 890FX Mobo im gettin (excited!)
I was lookin at these two

the ADATA kit is cheaper and same specs, but I have had two Patriot kits in the past and i trust them. Any other suggestions would be good cuz i originally planned to keep it under $150. Also if i can find a good deal i might be willing to compromise on capacity but probably not on speed. Thanx in advance

[size= 14px; line-height: 18px][color=#ffffff]Â I'd go with the adata one i don't really think there's that much of a difference in ram but idk.
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Never heard of either of the brands.


Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600mhz 6gb kit 3x 2gb heart

Patriot makes good flash memory. Not too sure about there ram, but it should be fine.

Don't buy A-DATA though

MickeyDeath- RAM makes a big diference actually if your using your computer for more than games. Also thanks for the heads-up on the free back

GreenSLi- A little over the budget lol  thats over half a paycheck :(

Sonata- Patriot does make good memory, using on of their DDR2 kits now and quite a few people have told me since Iv been lookin not to buy A-Data

Probably gonna get Patriot Sector 7 Friday when i get paid

The name sounds like some cheap generic Chinese brand.

It'll be so much more worth it to pay the extra $40 for the Patriots.

ADATA has a decent performance line, don't knock it till you've tried it there, sonata.

it probably is decent RAM, but iv heard from 2 people now that the heat spreaders are ineffective, and if I'm gonna spend that kind of money on RAM i would like it to last