Need new CPU for old laptop

IDK what the modle of the one currently running in there is but ill tell ya its pretty freeking slow, its running at 1.8GHz (a Core 2 duo i believe) and im at a loss betwene these two processors


Im not the best with that generation of processors, so im not shur if just having more GHz will mean better proformance, i think the most demanding thing i would do with it is run the game Making History, which is not demanding at all. other then that just web browsing and skype.


If these are your only and only choices then go for the merom. But it's falling behind the T7000 meroms, which have 3 mb cache and higher clocks. I reccomend you get, in order:

-T9300 (the best you can get)

-T8700 (2.53 ghz, 3mb cache, 45 nm)

-T7700 (2.4 ghz, penryn is cooler but same performance on 65nm, 4mb cache)

Clock speed doesn't mean anything. A penryn at the same clockspeed and fsb as a competing merom will beat it. Smaller fabrication process = cooler and more space to add transistors (and higher clock speed).

Hope it helped.

From what I see the game will run fine on a laptop like mine (T7700, 256mb dedicated videocard)

You won't have much details to spare if you use integrated. The newer intel integrated-on-cpu gpus are incomparable with the older on board video chips. What are your other specifications and how does the game run on your current 1.8 core2duo?

what about the t9600?

get that one, make sure its supported by your laptop first though

but if you can find a T7700 then get that