Need mouse mat

i want a large mousemat because my table is unbelievably scratched. There are just so many different mouse mats out there i dont know which one to get. I guess my main question is should i get a hard mouse mat? or should i get one of the fabric mouse mats. which do you recommend and why? i would also want it to be black with some red design/accents. thank you for your time


I have this one. its huge and cheap.

That's what I have  ... and I love it!  XXL

That Rosewill one is perfect for me! matches my red and black color scheme, and a big R for Ruskie! haha thanks  man

ah, thought of that as soon as I read your post, sweet man glad I could help.

Those steelseries mats are great! I have a couple of them lying around here :)

I use QcK mass (same thing but smaller) and I vouch for it.