Need motherboard ideas for builds

Hi...uh, it is I!...Again....

Anyway, I need to get some ideas for M-ITX motherboards because I am having a hard time sticking to one.

I keep going back and forth between an Intel based build and an AMD based build because of two things: the case and the motherboard. The case isn't as big a problem as the motherboard right now.

I am hoping to keep these build at about $850 USD or below. The motherboards I have been looking are either cheap with only the essentials or are a bit more pricey and have all of the bells and whistles.





If you guys have any other ideas, do please share them. If you want to get a general idea of what my builds are, I'll post them if any of you do want to see them.

Thank you kindly,  The New Guy

Where you wanne use the system for.?

Mini itx, i would personaly vote for intel. if you can afford it.

I can afford it, that much is not the issue. It is mainly going to be for the general use (web browsing, youtube, etc.) and gaming too. Games like Skyrim (which I heard has difficulty playing with W8.1), Titanfall, Diablo 3, LoL, BF4, etc. 

That is the general jist of it.

if i look at the games you play, then i would recommend to go with an intel i5. LOL is a game with a very bad optimized gaming engine to use multiple cores. this game in particular just runs better on intel. overall the i5, is more powerfull then the Athlon. no doubt about that.

If you can afford it, i would look at an I5-4570 and then with the cheaper intel H87 B85 mini itx boards. or maybe micro atx. for example.

Unfortunately, that would be an upgrade for what I have planned. That CPU in my build would push me out of my budget. I'll post mine:

I've gotten good feedback from this build from others here but that i5 would be too much. Although, it would be very nice to have.