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Need monitor recommendations


I’ve been out of the monitor game for over 5 years now and have no idea whats good or bad. I’m looking to replace my 2 aged 24" basic ASUS panels with something more suited for high fidelity video and games. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just need quality without the rice.


how many monitors are you looking for?
1080p? 1440p? 4k?
60hz? 144hz?
need color accuracy?


something under 500$ Ideally in the 250 range, but I’m willing to throw down more on it if its worth it.
1 for now, If the quality will be good Ill get another one.
In terms of resolution, Im not sure. Currently these are 1080p, But I have been hearing that 4k Is not really worth for most games these days. Not sure how accurate that information is, so lets assume 1440p but if you have any good 4K recomendations, Ill take a look at those as well.
144hz or higher with a nice bang for buck balance in the collor accuracy department.
Im in the US, but I wouldn’t mind ordering if its worth it.


cheapest 27in 1440p 144hz i can find on newegg,

if you stalk you will occasionally find them for 300$.


First I was going to link these two L1T pixio videos
Then I noted that they also have some HDR one which is similarly priced

and then I remembered that FreeSync 2 also being HDR
aaaand now I’m unsure about linking anything :smiley:



Please consider QHD (2560 x 1440) monitors. They look almost as good as 4K with better response and less hardware required to drive it. I love my HP OMEN.

I got mine on Black Friday for $250.


Look at the response times, buy NEC make some great monitors, and you can get some old models for a lot cheaper then what they costed new. But none I believe have 144hz. But the color accuracy on those displays are amazing.


NEC makes pro monitors for image and video editing workstations. Some of those are on par with the highest level Eizo screens.

One monitor for everything is always a compromise. VA is great for movies because of the high contrast ratio, IPS is great for color accuracy, TN is still the fastest panel tech out there. And there are good examples and bad ones for all of those.

If you want to have a bit of everything, VA is probably your best bet. 1440p, VA, 100Hz, freesync, nearly 100% sRGB… that should be your spec sheet roughly.


Then there’s ultrawide too to make things even more confusing. I couldn’t go back to a 16:9 monitor for media consumption and gaming.


This is the one I was eyeballing but then I became uncertain, its interesting monitor and spec wise it seems to be ok

I’m waiting myself how that monitor turns out to be
and/but I feel that all HDR monitors are going to be VA’s or whatever that Samsung thing is, still, interesting monitor


I did, actually. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It took me a while to figure out what you meant (went back).

Well I couldn’t! I could use two UW’s though :joy:

Or even a portrait 1080p monitor next to an UW.


@Ambient AMD or Nvidia GPU?


For the price asked, you’re not getting a g-sync screen.


Nvidia. Looking at that pixio currently, and i like what im seeing.



My bad, it’s gone.


Here are a few with G-Sync:

Look at open box (not sure if that’s a good deal or not):


I was looking at that Omen too. Nice find on the price Ill probably order something this weekend, but keep the suggestions coming.


43UD79-B 100% my go to, can be had in the $500 price point when it goes on sale