Need mobo

i need mobo and need your opinion About this build. THANKS! : 2 Games)

total 560 euro (mobo not included)

(sorry for bad ENglis)  :)

This would be the motherboard I would recommend, I also suggest getting an aftermarket heatsink to replace the stock, I've linked below.

thank you .i made some chandes .. graphics card

and is 600 watt enough?

600W is overkill ... :)

Using an FX 8320 and HD 7870 with a 500W power supply at the moment. You should get 400W, unless you plan to crossfire.

Woah, 400w? Always run your build through here to check wattage. His build will be pulling about ~440w so 500w would be best.


ok..last question .are all the parts listed compatible to eaac other(especially the ram . Graphics card and mobo)?  thank you for the help ..really apprciated :)