Need mobo help

<body><p><p><body><p>sup guys i m stuck here hoping u might help..<br>im building amd based gaming rig fx8350 offcourse,i compared two of these mobos nd confused between them, asus crosshair v formula z , and sabertooth 990fx r.2 help me guys please mention pros and cons of both and which is good performance wise as well as stable...

both boards are good. what can i say, choose the cheapest one of the 2 :)

i would also name the Asus M5A99Fx pro rev 2.0, take a look at that one 2 :)

i cant find this motherboard on newegg, but in the Netherlands the Sabbertooth990FX gen3 is comming soon. it has pci-e 3.0 slots.


but to go back ontopic those two you named. both are good boards, you cant realy make a mistake buying one of those

i would say  for the price the sabbertooth, but maybe its an idea to wait for the sabbertooth gen 3