Need Major Help On My Build

Hey guys! I am building my first PC and leaving my console. I have done research and found that I know nothing. I want to build a PC for around $600 or $700. I was wondering if any one could "build" a PC and find all the proper parts. I play Call of Duty, Battlefield 3 and World of Warcraft. I also do gfx with Photoshop cs6 and edit videos with Sony Vegas. I want a system that call do all of these things while in my budget. If you can help me message and add me on skype: ttrjtm. Thanks alot guys!

I don't have the link, but I'd look at the Tek youtube page and find their gaming builds. They have done several '$X00 gaming rig' videos and reference them often.

Logan's videos are great. He has a host of various builds ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand. However, they do not include things like keyboards, mice, monitors or operating systems. For the kind of work you want your computer to do I suggest you wait and gather some more money. Check out Logans builds and you will see what I mean. An OS is $100 +dollars. A quality gaming keyboard is $60 + odd dollars and a good mouse is $50 + odd dollars. A good monitor is going to cost you roughly $200 or more.  I am up to around $400 and we have not even talked about purchasing a single actual computer component. I am not trying to be miserable to you, but you should know a computer that can do the type of work you want you just are not going to be able to get one in that price range. Again, check Logan's videos.

I have a keyboard and mouse i also have an Asus LED monitor. + + = Good? Thanks for the help

Oh hey, your laughing now. Personally I like Gigabyte boards with either AMD or Intel CPUs. The FX-6300 is an excellent chip and a great value. Newegg has it on currently for $119.00. Hard to beat that for a 6 core CPU. I would go with dual chanel RAM in the 8GB flavour. Personally I use Kingston Hyper X but I also have a system running Corsair (8X2) 1600. Last but not least get a good cooler for your CPU. Nothing worse than being able to fry eggs on it. Price things up, put her together and have fun. All the best.