Need lots of help

Hello i just did a fresh install of windows 8 pro

1) but its giving me the message Activate windows now i did research used all the different methods its still showing the message what should i do. I also get a message saying windows detected hard disk problems ive seen that message before.

2) i tried install avast premier it said my trial period is over on my new install ?? it expired on my windows 7 why does this occur

3) Everytime i try use a cyberghost vpn it says script error when intergrated with avast ?

4) Everytime i go on security website for software and things firefox takes a long to to get to the website. I think my browser has been hijacked on the new install and previous verision.

5) I also did some research and i have a feeling its a host intrusion or network instrusion whats a good ids or hips to put in place. When i use some sites that have captcha's the capatchs is personalised eg my name, or something firmiliar to me. Am not sure if its a mitm ive used malwarebytes, adwcleaner and avast on my windows 7 when i using but all scans came up clean.

6) I am not sure if its a dns leak what are some of the systems i can put in place to help

7) when i used to go on twitter the time on the timeline would changes a few seconds later eg if the post was 2m ago a few second later it will says 4hr ago  any ideas

8) i constanlly get this feeling my laptop is being snooped but when i use avast to do a network scan it comes up clean.

9) i would like to move to linux but i have no idea how to make the switch or get the program 

is there any software andd actions i can take to figure out my problems thanks

You have probably re installed windows too many times. Call Microsoft and give them your CD key. They will verify it and walk you through a manual activation. 

sounds like you have the wrong time or date on your system

Or that, Occam razor I suppose.