Need Looking Glass and Virt Manager Advice

I have just bought my new PC wanting to get back into Linux after many years of using OSX for iOS and Android development so I am little rusty.

My Arch Linux install looks good with Gnome and Wayland (with an xorg option, xorg wont do 5120x1440 on my ultra wide monitor but Wayland will, that is why I am using it)

I have 3 VM’s: OSX, WinWork and the WinGaming VM has a PCI passthrough of a RTX2080ti and PCI USB3 board. These seem to work well and have my Vive Pro working in the WinGaming VM as well.

I am currently using a USB switcher to switch the mouse and keyboard between the Arch and the WinGaming VM. The problem is when I do this a few times it causes problems, I notice it in the audio in the Vive Pro. I have moved the Vive Pro into a different USB on the PC and pass it through as a USB host device and it is working better.

The advice I am after is how do I get the mouse and keyboard working with Looking Glass? This will solve my above problem. I have Looking Glass working but when I click in the window there is no control. Is it through the Spice Client? I have to start the client with “looking-glass-client -s ALL” otherwise I get a failed to connect to spice server. Think I need to click on “Add Device” in the virtual machine manager and add a Channel device of “Spice Client”, but can some one help with this or point me in the right direction please?

Last thing is there is no border or title bar in the Looking Glass application. Is that normal? Even if I set the x and y flags the window will sit in the top left and not move.

I am using the package from “Arch AUR looking-glass-git” package which is alpha 12.

Thanks for the help and advice in advance :slight_smile:

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