Need locals from Germany, Austria, Zwitserland and Italy

Hello people’s.
My girlfriend and i are planning a holiday trip from the Netherlands towards Italy.
For this endeavor we’ll need places to stay the night.
However we are on a tight budget, but we are adventurous.

So i was wondering, if you live on route or close to it (within hours).
Do you know any “cheap” places to stay or nice places to go see.

We want to drive in the alps and our final destination is Milan and/or Venice and back.

approx 7-9 days for the trip.
starting around August 14th.
We’ll be driving my own Fiat Stilo and we’ll have a tent with us.
So every kind of “staying the night” suggestion is welcome!

The approximate route (Not my actual adres I live up east near the german border in Drenthe):ë,+Italië/Milaan,+Italië/Nederland/@46.3206116,9.8400582,8z/data=!4m26!4m25!1m5!1m1!1s0x47c609c3db87e4bb:0xb3a175ceffbd0a9f!2m2!1d5.291266!2d52.132633!1m5!1m1!1s0x477eb1daf1d63d89:0x7ba3c6f0bd92102f!2m2!1d12.3155151!2d45.4408474!1m5!1m1!1s0x4786c1493f1275e7:0x3cffcd13c6740e8d!2m2!1d9.189982!2d45.4642035!1m5!1m1!1s0x47c609c3db87e4bb:0xb3a175ceffbd0a9f!2m2!1d5.291266!2d52.132633!3e0

I don’t like driving on the highway only either.

Nice places to see. I’ve got you covered man. At least maybe from the american living abroad perspective. Let me preface I no longer live abroad and I’m a civie with the US air force now back in the US. I definitely apologize if I no longer qualify as “local” any longer hah

Seeing Milan’s cathedral and its rooftop was fricken cool! And if your in Milan visiting their “monumental cemetery was cool and cheap. Unfortunately Milan’s more famous attraction " the last supper” is a bit pricier. So I’m not sure what your budget it. You’ve got a long trip ahead of you from drenthe.a similar trip I made once from Amsterdam to Aviano details asside the prettiest sites often are the simple things. Stopping in the riverside tows along the way or driving through the many tunnels past mountain towns in the alps… Always worth taking a 40 minute rest in them usually. Not going to get to specific… Its well your trip! Hah

Now I looked at your route. I’ve got to recommend staying a bit in Innsbruck… very beautiful area in general. Your route takes you rather close to garmisch partenkirchen. If you want a bit of Bavarian heaven I suggest making the a stop there. If I recall right from Innsbruck you should be on A12 and then get off on 187… Should take you straight into Germany right to garmisch… Very gorgeous area! Other areas in Germany prolly close to your route is the city of Stuttgart… The Ludwigsburg Palace and the Mercedes Benz museum (if your into that) was pretty cool when I was there… The rates were fairly cheap back then not sure how it has evolved… So I would trust the euro folk on the forum to give you that info!

As for any kinds of stays I’m sorry I can’t help there but if you have questions about sites to see in the major cities … I definitely could be of some assistance …

I hope your trip goes well. Hopefully your girlfriend is satisfied with the journey as well! Haha

General guide to German roads:
Blue signs are highway, yellow signs are country roads (speed limit 100 for cars, 80 for trucks).
The yellow sign roads tend to take you through villages, up and down hills and mountains.

The A3 esspecially arround “Köln” (=Cologne) is going to be one long traffic jam beginning today (summer holidays).
I would recommend the A57 as it gets you directly to Köln, allowing you to visit the Kölner Dom.
Then take the A61 towards “Koblenz” (noteable things to see: Deutsches Eck and Ehrenbreitstein.
Following the A61 you will end up on the A6 and A5 bringing you back to the initial route.

I tried to somewhat draw that in:


Map of where it could get dicy:


I don’t live in any of those countries but I can tell you for sure that Switzerland is anything but cheap. :smiley:


When going coast to coast on my motercycle in the US I would stop in small towns outside the bigger cities, stop at a local convience store (where poor people work) and ask “hey there a cheap motel for the night?”

Found a few run by old retired people that were dirt dirt cheap in Texas for like 15 bucks a night when the big chains were advertising 30 to 50.

Any large city with a convention center was a problem sometimes. Also that was in 89 so is was a while ago :slight_smile:

Have Fun!

if your looking for cheap digs etc I would suggest getting this book:

If you dont mind sleeping in dorms and stuff then you can actually get by amazingly cheap.

All on you though haha.

I live in the UK so wew.

Also I would try a site called couchsurfing as well.




Cool thing you used to live there!

I fully agree, hence why i’d like not to travel on the highway only.
i-am really looking forward to driving trough all the tunnels, my car makes a nice sound too :smiley:, in the netherlands we don’t have those sadly…

We’ll look into Innsbruck!
Thank you for the advice, i’ll let you know if we have any questions.

I drive in Germany pretty regularly so speed limits are no real issue.
But yellow signs means fun i see, thank you.

Do you think it’ll also be that way around mid august?

Good tip if we can’t find something.

I know the lonely planet very well, in Asia i’ve used them but a lot of times you really miss the gems that make a trip worth while in them.
They are great for general (also important) advice in my opinion.

Do you happen to know a couple of places?

My dad regularly has couch surfers over for a couple of years already.
I might take a further look into that. great tip!

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Should be fine by then.

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If you look at then there is a extensive list of cheap hostels etc :slight_smile: