Need list of good rendering GPUs

so i use cinema 4d, audocad, premiere, photoshop, maya, 3dx max, nuke, bouju, and really things like that.... wondering if you could give me a few price brackets with the best gpu setup


motherboard : 2 pci 3.0 16/0 or 8/8 speeds


psu: 650w corsair 80 silver ( tell me if this needs to be upgraded to use a new config of video cards )


cpu: i7 3770k @ 5ghz


ram: 32 gigs @ 2133


CURRENT video card: hd radeon 7870


NOTE:: i play games, i run tripple monitors ( 1 32 inch @ 1920x1080, and 2 shimian 27 inch @ 2550x1440 ) but i really only play on the 32 inch since most games i just run at 1920x1080 anyway and the screne is bigger)


i know cuda cors help but i heard the open gl helps in 3d, i do TONS of 3d ( check out my stuff if you want to know what i am acually doing to help me out a bit better ) ----> <--- PORTAL GUN MODEL <---- DEMO-REEL


thanks for helping me out and stuff!

that depends entirely on the program, AMD GPUs are incapable of doing CUDA whereas Nvidia GPUs do OpenCL very poorly, to the point that a 5830 will outperform a 680 at OpenCL

now you see where im having troubble, most of my stuff uses openGL, but i dont know if there are any amd cards or nvidia card configs that out-do eachother for less money, like how you can quad-sli cards to out-perform high end gpus.