Need Linux OS recommendations

I wanna try Linux OS and what would be the easiest to learn and use out of the large variety. I only have used windows 7 and 8. I had to learn how to use Windows 8 for tafe ( I think its called Community Colleges in the States). i have a old 80gb WD drive which i asked at work experience installed it and thinking of putting Linux on to it even though it may be a bit slow in boot but still wanted to try it out before wasting precious internet data since i only have about 25gb out of 120gb left :3.

give me some reccomendatiosn

IMHO Ubuntu is still the easiest distro to get you into linux, but if want a specific experience there are some distros that are customized to look like Windows for example, the advantage of Ubuntu over them is that Ubuntu has a big company backing it, and they have paying customers using their software thus you kind of have a better beginner's experience.

If you're looking to learn linux, as in if you are considering this an opportunity not just to have a new OS but to be a power user, go with something like Arch (You can start with Manjaro or Antergos and start reading the Arch wiki to learn or install Arch from scratch and learning all the way) or you can go with Gentoo where you have to compile everything  (including your kernel if you choose to) which will teach you a lot about how linux works.. an easier Gentoo based distro is Sabayon

I second the opinion on Manjaro. Shaping up to be quite good.

I've heard Linux Mint is great for those venturing into Linux as well.Never used it myself but just stating it here.

i just wanted an OS but thanks for the recommendations for becoming a power user may come in handy in the future if i needed to kill boredom or something within my course for tafe.

There is a plethora of Linux Distros out there. If you want something lightweight, Lubuntu or Zorin OS Lite. Main stream distros, Ubuntu, Debian, Zorin OS, Mint. For getting down and dirty, Gentoo and Arch

I've been suggesting Manjaro for a very long time on the forum.

Most people that use it seem to be pretty satisfied with it.

It's probably still my number 1 suggestion for non-professional desktop and laptop use.

If you are actually interested about really learning Linux, then go Arch, Gentoo,etc(Much steeper learning curve). If you don't care about learning and just want something to play around with, then Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary, Zorin, etc. One of the best looking distro's I have seen has to be Elementary if aesthetics are your thing. 

Manjaro, Sabayon are great since they are based on Arch (manjaro) and Gentoo (Sabayon) so you can learn the guts easily with out the steep install learning curve.

Opensuse is based off Suse Enterprise Linux and Fedora is based off (Red Hat Linux) so if you are interested in learning enterprise linux thwey are a good place to start.