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Need Lan party game suggestions for 8+ Players

Every new years I host a lan party and have a bunch of people over and we play games all throughout the night.

Every year I try to find a collection of new games a majority of us havent tried but its getting harder to find some.

Among us will definitely be one of the games.

I need some other games, other than whats listed here: (either we already played them a ton or there are not enough people in the group are interested in it)

  • Team Fortress 2
  • Overwatch
  • COD/Battlefield
  • Valorant
  • Any/All Jackbox games
  • Lol/Dota
  • Fortnite
  • Worms
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Rust
  • Gangbeasts
  • Stick Fight The Game
  • Genital Jousting
  • Friday the 13th

There really is no genre we wont play, but it needs to support at least 8 players and be overly addicting.

If you’re willing to try weird FPS games:

bZflag is a “First Tank Shooter” with jumping tanks and lots of fun weapons to experiment with. Great fun.

The Wheel of Time PC game based on the Unreal Engine from 1999 is still great fun, still haven’t found a similar concept to the Citadel mode. It’s abandonware at this point, but 4-team Citadel mode can be one of the most intensive games you’ll ever experience, and the gameplay can be really addictive - just make sure you understand the concept of offensive and defensive weapons first.

There is a page to download it, but since it is a copyrighted game, I can’t link it here, unfortunately. :frowning: Just google it, and if you find a web site that talks about a new master server from 2014, that’s the one!

Not strictly a LAN game as you need Internet but fall guys is a huge laugh.

This one would be more tournament style with pairs of 4 but Ultimate Chicken Horse is very fun, but again not sure on strictly LAN or not.

Burnout paradise had an 8 player pass the pad party mode with challenges but can be a little slow with wait your turn. Their online is 8 player simultaneous though for races and challenges and games like Marked Man, Stunt Run and Cops and Robbers (the remastered release). Though worth checking out ahead of time as the remaster has issues on so.e peoples PC where unjust won’t start. I have one PC that work fine and another that won’t start.

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What he said…

I think rocket league have custom games that can go 4v4 or whatever correct me if I’m wrong…

You can mod Stardew Valley for up to 10 players in multiplayer…

I still remember having fun playing StarCraft Brood Wars 8 player map free for all. And I think it’s free so that’s a plus…

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Garry’s Mod for Prop Hunt and Trouble in Terrorist Town (similar to Among Us)

Golf With Your Friends can be a lot of fun not sure on the amount of people it supports though.

Killing Floor 2 is 6 player… But a lot of fun for co-op

Another tournament style 4 + 4 game but Lethal League / LL Blaze is a really fun take on fighting games where you use a baseball to attack, get incredible fast and each character inter acts with the ball differently.

Wreckfest is a soft body physics destruction derby rally race game. Really good at it too. Can do regular destruction Derby, races, lawnmover races, different classes of vehicle. Physics are fun.

Also Quake, pick one,

Serious Sam? Not sure on the numbers though.

I second this! Serious Sam 3 is 16 player co-op. And bundles of fun.


why not quake 3 rocket arena?

also Unreal Tournament 2004

oldies but goodies


Quake, Quake and more Quake. The game that really started giant lan parties.

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Any Trackmania should work

the one where each person does a duty on the bridge of star trek