Need input on this build

so these are the parts that i want in my new build. none of this is set in stone cause im gonna buy these parts around black friday so i can make changes. if you have any advice please post. ill just be using a 1tb harddrive so i didnt list it. 

case or





Video card

so tell me what you think and tell me if i should change anything.


For the best GPU cooling always go Twin Frozr!!!!!!

Upgrade your graphics card to a 660ti msi or msi 7870.... if you have $100 more get a 670 pe oc msi

660ti :  


MSI 7870:

or if you have more money

670 power edition overclocked:

No bottleneck to worry about, however remember the PSU is non-modular so that might be a headache. The MOBO may need some tweaking in the bios to get your ram and GPU configured correctly since it's a budget board and virtually featureless.

I've done a ton of research on GPUS. It's not worth getting anything less than a 660ti. 

You are building an AMD system and although I am no master when it comes to graphic cards would it not make more sense to run with an AMD GPU? I see you are in the $120.00 dollar range for your card so perhaps you might consider looking at the Sapphire Radeon HD 6870. It is around $45.00 more but does come with free shipping. It also comes with Free Dirt3 & Musemage. There is also a $10.00 mail in rebate card so your cost really is closer and I feel this is a much better GPU for your system build. Newegg feedback gives it 4 eggs.