Need help!

I just borrowed a d link dwl 520 to use temporarily but I cant get the drivers. I'm using windows 7 rtm 64bit and it wont even recognize the card.
I know its an old product.

Third google hit.



those are the drivers that dont work

that could be an incompatibility with windows 7, or 64 bit operating systems. My friend had a wireless card that worked fine in vista 32 but didn't function correctly in windows 7 64.

on the site it says that ur product has been discontinued so i don't think they will come out with a 64 bit driver

that friend is me, and its because of driver signing. you need to get wireless cards from linksys because they can afford to get drivers signed by microsoft.

its just temporary and it didnt work in xp 32 either dont know why, but its working without drivers now

oh, thats good. windows must have used the default driver shit.