Need help!

i trying to get the best gpu I can get for the money for editing and a little for gaming, I thinking that the 770 is the way to go but dont know which one to get!

ooh and can you guys recommend something from BestBuy too lol (have a friend that works there might be able to get a discount lol)


What programs do you use for editing and what games do you play and at what resolutions?

CUDA or OpenCL?

What is your budget?

BestBuy actually, at least the one by me, has a very large selection of PC parts. They had a few nice XFX R9 270Xs and 280Xs as well as some PNY 770s and 780s and even and EVGA 780 Ti ACX. 

Photoshop, lightroom, premier.......

im going to be using 1080p and up But mainly 1080p if I don't get a new monitor.

Well get whatever the cheapest 770 thats available from BestBuy then. All will do the same job. Ask you mate perhaps on 'opened box' deals. 

Title and thread placement, mind them next time... I almost missed this thread out.

got it