Need help working out which SSD to get

Hi i am get a ssd for my brother and am haveing troubel working out which one to get him. he is running win 7 and plays mostly planet side and Hon so i am think a 128gb one  but i can help think i should get him a 240/250/258gb one  so he has space.

here are the ones i have been looking at


also on some on this it says it has 128 MB DRAM Cache Memory is their any point to haveing that or not

thank you for any help

Don't get any of those. Grab one of these instead:

It's the fastest SSD on the market right now, and Samsung makes very reliable parts.

The drive that Vortex88 suggested is my boot drive!

Lightening fast drive and absolutely ROCK SOLID - having said that make sure you get the PRO 840 not the standard one - uses a different flash controller and they have a few problems.

ah k thank you for the help

as your in oz this may not be true for you but the best price to quality is

mushkin the overlooked option

this drive uses toshiba toggle nand (used in drives labled Chronos Deluxe). the fastest sync nand

I am a fan of the intel's personally. But they dont have the best price/perormance ratio. The samsung pro series are also good.

At the end of the day, they will all perform similarly. They are all fast.

Of the ones you chose, I would go for the hyperx. I have only heard good things about it, but no one said it was much better than other drives.