Need help with x99 build for video rendering

Good day awesome forum!

To build PC there are needed 7-8 parts:)

  1. CPU
  2. Motherboard
  3. Memory
  4. Power Supply
  5. Storage
  6. Video Card
  7. Case
  8. Cooling

I have budget 1000 EUR.

And I need to get bear minimum,
1. CPU,
2. MOBO,
3. Memory
4. Power Supply.

I already have:
5. Storage - Samsung SSD 256GB
6. Videocard - really old, I am ashamed to say :)
7. Case
8. For now want to use stock cooling. 

PC will be used for video rendering mostly, at this time I am using Sony Vegas.

 I want to go with X99 because they say it will be future proof for some time. And in next year I would add new Video Card and new Cooling so I can Overclock.

So the questions are?

1. and 2. Regarding CPU

Because of budget 1000EUR

Should I get 
Intel Core i7-5820K and better MOBO like Asus X99-DELUXE.

Or better CPU like Intel Core i7-5930K and cheper MOBO like Asus X99-A?

And what is big difference between MOBOS?

3. Memory RAM

I will get just so computer would work single stick of 8GB I know it is not enough, but I plan to get more RAM in near future, so for time being it will be ok.
Crucial Ballistix Sport, 8GB, DDR4, 2400MHz, CL16, Single stick

4. In my current rig I have Corsair TX650w Power Supply it is really old already my 3th PC I have built with it! So  new one I also want to get Corsair, thinking of Gold or Platinum

For now I have chosen Corsair 1000W, RM1000, 80+ Gold, Modular yes maybe 1000W is overkill, but I want silent PSU with Zero RPM Fan Mode, if not match power is used PSU fan would not spin. 0 RPM util 40% off system load in watts is until 400w. Until I will not add new Video card I will be good.

 For now if I sum prices:

Intel Core i7-5820K - 370 EUR

Asus X99-DELUXE - 330 EUR


+                                700 EUR

Crucial Ballistix
Sport, 8GB, DDR4 - 110 EUR

Corsair 1000W,
RM1000, 80+ Gold - 170 EUR


Total                           980 EUR


Intel Core i7-5930K - 510 EUR

Asus X99-A             - 220 EUR


+                                730 EUR

Crucial Ballistix
Sport, 8GB, DDR4 - 110 EUR

Corsair 1000W,
RM1000, 80+ Gold - 170 EUR


Total                           1010 EUR

Thanks you all, please let me know if any questions :)

Building a crazy-awesome system for video rendering and then going with only 8 GB of RAM is kinda pointless.

Here is what you should be looking at around 1000€:


I agree, but more RAM I will get in next month. It is just for the start, because I really urgently need new PC.

And is Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 Better then Asus X99-A?

P.S. Is there big difference in video rendering for RAM -  DDR4, 2400MHz vs DDR4, 3200MHz

Because price difference is huge!

Ram speed has very little impact on the performance of any editor, latency likewise but others will nitpick the finer points. Get the pair of 8GB sticks Chris recommends, this will set you up to fill the board to capacity as upgrades come in.

The major difference I'm seeing is the Gigabyte has a slightly faster front bus than the Asus but in contrast the Asus has a slightly higher max voltage running to the CPU.This is a bit of a toss up as the front bus could help with responsiveness but the higher voltage can be the difference in reaching higher clock speeds. The Asus has some better fail safe features (on-board reset, replaceable BIOS) so it would make it easier to diagnose in the future.

I'd also recommend going with the 5930k over the 5820k, a better chip lowers render times; its worth paying the extra so as to not stare at the progress bar. If you decide to overclock then the 5930k takes a large leep over the 5820k.

Ok , these are my thoughts ( didn't completely read )

I bought a X99 build recently , I can recommend this sort of combo :

5820k ( cheapest 6core , 5930k is not really usefull )

Cheap X99 mobo ( X99-a ; Msi X99s sli plus )

16GB ram ( I got the Corsair DDR4 2666mhz for 160€ )


But looking at you budget , I would look on ebay for the 5820k / ram to get the cheapest , or wait a bit longer and save up .

Going for 8GB then another 8GB is a bit of a waste of money IMO .


Also , look for the cheapest prices, as they can show up on some weird sites , a site was having promo's , and for some reason they let those stack with extra -5% on top , saved me ~180€ .



You also NEED a cooler , there is NO stock X99 cooler !

( I have a H55 that I want to sell + noctua nf-f12 if you want ) .


Have fun with the build .

i have no idea what is currently happening with X99 prices in Europe.

But in the NEtherlands the 5820k went from €350,- to €410,-  And also the X99 boards became arround €20 to €50 more expensive.

im affraid you not gonne make it for €1000,-

I still did not get witch mobo to get, Asus X99-DELUXE or Asus X99-A?

Because If I go with expensive MOBO like ASUS deluxe I get cheaper CPU and vice verse.

RAM for me is cheaper to get 8GB sticks seperatly on each stick I save 10EUR, in kit it is more expensive.

REGARDING CPU FAN - in BOX of 5930k what kind of cooler is there? Or there is none?

Why would you get the deluxe over the A? It's just a simple choice of deciding if you want/need the extra features. Only you can decide that. I'd go for the better chip.


Also, there is no cooler in any of the newest chips. You need an after market cooler.

i would go with a 5820k anyway, because just paying €200,- extra for just 12 pci-e lanes is not worth it for me.unless you plan to go crazy on quad gpu setups or what not.

the 5930k doesnt offer any benefits over the 5820k other then 12 extra pci-e lanes.

Yes, that is true, I will be using one GPU!


But how about overclocking? 5820K vs 5930K, is there a big difference?


And what aftermarket CPU Cooler I should get, if I plan to overclock?

Well since both cpu´s are basicly the same thing, i dont expect there to be much of a diffrence in overclocking. both chips could reach 4.2ish OC's without any pain. so yeah i realy dont see the benefits for the 5930k in my opinnion.

Cpu cooler you could go with a decent highend aircooler if you like silence, something like a Noctua NH-D15 or Phanteks PH-TC14PE.

Or if you prefer a close loop liguid cooling. Something like a Coolermaster Nepton 280L would be a decent cooler.

About the motherboard, basicly depends a bit on the futures you prefer, the Asus X99-A is basicly a decent entry level board, which allready offers allot of feutures, If you like the Deluxe board, but you dont realy care about bluetooth and wifi, you could also take a look at the Asus X99-S

i could also recommend to take a look at some of the Asrock boards, they also seem to be very decent. depending abit on the color scheme you prefer.