Need help with water cooling

I already have a system currently still needs many upgrades as you can see when you look at my specs. considering I have a switch 810 computer case I am wanting to do a triple 140 rad as well as a dual 140 , a single 140. i will be water cooling a 3770k as well as a 7970 but need a water block for it. I wont have much space left so i am looking for one of the resevoirs with a pump directly attached to it. I live in canada so some were that would be able to ship it for cheap would be good. I know what fittings i need as well as the tubing but i am currently haviung issues with trying to figure out how to cool my maximus v formula mother board(the vrm part of it)

thanks in advanced


Check out dazmode, only place that ships from within canada other than NCIX (which has a really limited selection) 

Aquatuning, FrozenCpu or anywhere else outside of canada is gonna charge you out the ass for shipping and all that good stuff.

alright sounds good thanks

I wouldn't cool the VRM of the MVF; it uses 3/8" barbs, not G1/4" threads. You would have to lower the tubing size coming out of the CPU block, causing major flow restrictions, and generally decreasing performance in the loop. The alternative is to get a fullcover waterblock set from EK (the only known producer of MVF blocks, at least to me), which will allow you to use regular G1/4" compression fittings.

840mm of rad space is insane for a single 3770k, 7970, motherboard, and possibly memory. ABSOLUTELY INSANE. I like you for that :)

For the CPU block, EK Supremacy blocks are great, if you will be using EK blocks for the mobo, memory, and GPU. I like to keep the aesthetics constant throughout the build, so if you are using an EK CSQ-style block for something, then I want to keep the other blocks EK CSQ-style, as well. Just a personal preference.

For the CPU block, I like the Swiftech Apogee HD, and the EK Supremacy. EK now has a mounting mechanism to allow for direct-die mounting for Ivy Bridge CPUs; you would have drastically lower temps from a delidded 3770k with a waterblock mounted to the CPU die. Whatever block you get, I recommend getting the mounting kit from EK.

I am trying not to sound like an EK fanboy, but I also like the EK GPU blocks; they actively cool the VRM and memory on the graphics card, unlike the/some XSPC blocks. I like the clear EK blocks, as well; the nickel and copper blocks are really nice, in my opinion.

XSPC makes some great memory blocks; EK only makes Corsair Dominator blocks, to my knowledge. Depending on what RAM you have, your memory block decision will be made.

Still, sweet mother of god, why 840mm of rad space?!?!? I appreciate your insanity.

i Plan on getting this for the 7970

XSPC Razor 7970 Full Cover Water Block Prepared for SLI With 7 G1/4 Ports Twin LED (New Style)

i Need a stock pcb video card or this thing wont work i currently wanna buy XFX Radeon HD 7970 Double D but i am not exactly sure if it is stock

and have changed my mind going a little extreme roughly added it all together its gunna coast aroung 800 dollars perhaps just the triple 140 would be enough?? or should i go triple and a single at the bottom of my case??

removing the dual 140 put my price from 640 to 570