Need Help with Text Based Game

I'm making a text based game using JavaScript, basically what I want to do is setup the page so that after the user enters his command, it leaves what he wrote showing in the text-box, then after the game gives you some text based on your option, it creates another input box and the whole thing repeats.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

I've managed to take input from a textbox I created in HTML, but it stays stationary and you can keep erasing and rentering data into it

Oh okay, I basically just want the text element to always scroll to the bottom of the page

Edit: I think I might have something, will report back when done testing.


Update: So I got the idea to put a div above the textbox, after the JS reads the input from the textbox, it outputs to said div accordingly. Making it look like it's scrolling down.

Seems to be working, but I'm sure you probably have a better way of doing this than I do.

Wow! thanks! I think I might stick with just outputing to a div above the text-box. It's working just how I want it at the moment.

I was mainly just asking about how to get JS to do the formatting. I already got some plans for how the game will actually work. (I'm doing all my code using external JS files)

I'll have to look into this AJAX PHP database text file thing......I have no idea what your talking about lol