Need help with setting up display port kvm with non display port laptops

Hello, I have recently purchased a l1tech kvm PAAG-E3124B.

So I have bought the wrong kind of cables and as I didn’t check thoroughly that the laptops I want to connect to the kvm had displayports, which they didn’t.

My setup:

Monitor with displayport
Desktop with display port
Work laptop with HDMI
Home laptop with mini displayport or HDMI or usb-c

So far only desktop is working for obvious reasons.

I have 2 displayport to displayport cables and 2 displayport to HDMI cables.

What kind of active adapters should I buy to get the laptops working as well?


Would these work? Club3D CAC-1331

Kind regards

should work ok to go from hdmi on laptop to DP for KVM.

Hi @wendell !
Just wanted to let you know that the adapter worked as expected.


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