Need help with setting custom tv resolution on linux

I have 2 x 4k 120hz tvs. Only one works in linux at its rated speed. The other works in windows at 4k 120hz but not in linux. Need some guidance. The option for 120hz doesnt even appear in xandr or the gnome settings menu. How do I force 120hz?

If xrandr -q doesn’t show 120Hz as an option I doubt any command will force that rate. Have you tried switching the HDMI cables on your TVs to verify the problem follows the panel and not the port?

If this is an nvidia card have you installed the latest proprietary driver?

I dont at present have another 15foot cable. But also, windows works fine. and linux works on the other tv. I will look into xrandr doesn’t show 120hz.


I can’t seem to get it to output 60hz anymore. Perhaps it is the cable…