Need Help With Second HDD

Well to sum it all up, when I built my PC I had to sorta cheap out on the hard drive. Not necessarily in speed but in size. I have a hard drive that is 7200 RPM and 320 GB's. I found a nice western digital hard drive for 60 USD, and it ships fast, I want to use it as a second hard drive.

I am kind of a noob when it comes to hard drive instillation and all of that jazz. What I want to know is there and steps besides just hooking up the SATA cable and power? Or do I need to partition it, I heard about partitioning but there are a lot of places and tutorials saying all I need to do is install then, blamo, done.

So where I am getting at is do I need to partition, or just install like a regular piece of hardware?

Google how to install a hdd and you will have your answer in a few seconds.



I can't remember either, about to find out. I think there is a dos command that adds new partitions. Just remember to format it the same as what the other disk is. Mine is set up for NTFS. 

I actually never use partitions unless forced upon me.