Need Help with Screen Tearing in World of Warcraft - DXVK 0.63 - wine staging 3.13

I’m very new to all this so bear with me.
i7 4790k / GTX 970 / 16gb of ram
I’m Ubuntu 18.04 with the proprietary drivers installed, if this info matters.

So i’ve recently took the dive into the world of linux and i’ve been having a lot of fun tinkering my OS, and i’m learning a lot.

One thing I need a little help with is troubleshooting some issues i’ve been having with the first game I installed, World of Warcraft. I have V-Sync enabled, but the screen tearing persists and it actually ends up making the game stutter. I don’t know where to begin when it comes to manipulating wine/dxvk settings, and i’d love if someone would point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Sidenote - Whenever i go into capital cities my FPS drops from a smooth 90-100fps down to a very choppy 30-60, this isn’t as annoying as the tearing, but if someone knows a solution i would greatly appreciate it.

IIRC the proprietary nv drivers pretty much always tear without manual workarounds, not sure if there are any good ones with wine.

One performance tweak that prevents fps dips is to enable CSMT in your wow prefix’s settings. If you can’t find the CSMT option, switch to a staging version

You could also ask the guys in the DXVK discord and see if they are aware of this issue.

Additionally, you could also ask in the LGG discord.

How did you install WoW, did you use Lutris to install it via the BLizzard App?