Need help with resolution

Ok so my new pc is finally working, and Im not quite sure where I should have put this question so I'll just put it here. 
When I go into windows 7 control panel my resolution is at 1360X768 and it fits my tv perfectly, but when I put it to 1920X1080 it becomes all grainy and the whole screen doesnt fit, the tv does support 1080p, whats going on?

Btw, im using a hdmi cable if it even matters(i know i should switch to vga)

try setting the refresh rate to 60i hz. actually, hdmi is better than vga  for tv's

its a 60hz monitor and i cant change it, still no luck

Are you using a tv and a monitor or a tv as a monitor?

im using a tv

I saw this a few weeks ago, Ill see if I can find the post, though I don't know if it got resolved.

Please give specs (name/model number) of the TV because there using a TV can be wierd with computers.

Ok when I play ps3 in the top left my tv tells me what resolution im playing on, which is 1080p. Now when I go on the samsung website they show they display 1366X768. Im not sure if my tv is this one as it is now 2 years old. anyways it was a 32 inch samsung 4 series

Its nice to have you back, away for the holidays?

Check the back, probably near the I/O panel for Model information

un32d4000ndxzc is the model number

If the website says that the default is 1366x768, thats what its going to run best at. If you try to run 1920x1080 on a 1366x768 monitor, you are only going to see 1355x768. In simpler terms, you are not seeing 554x314 pixles which is why the display is bigger. Just run it at 1366x768 and you will get the entire picture on the screen even it isnt full screen.