Need help with ps2

lol im lost in what to do in planetside 2 can some1 help me out if u play it ill add u on steam in game with u thanks

At first I thought you posted something about your Playstation 2 in the Pc gaming forum. Unfortunately I don't have that game is it any good?

Spell! Please spell your words properly!

+1 spelling. PS2 has a steep learning curve. I can help you out.

lol naa it looks good but im lost on how to play it lol 

lol my bad 

add me jraftb, i have to update it again, but i played it for a while when it first came out and jump on when friends get on

LMAO, good luck with Planetside! It was a complete clusterfuck when I tried it! Ended up wasting about an hour trying to figure out the basics of the game, like: controls, classes available, what are the objectives, who are you teammates, who are the enemies. I gave up on that game after a while. Too much hassle for an ok game. You wanna play on big, open maps, with lots of players, and vehicles, play Conquest Large in Battlefield 3. Or you can try Tribes: Ascend

Planetside is much more than an OK game, there are many tutorial videos on youtube, and it is the only shooter I know of where you can join units that use real tactics and stratigies.

agreed, stick with it and you won't regret it. It is an amazing game once you learn everything about it. One thing that will always help is to join a squad or platoon (just hit the insert button), that way you will have people to follow and stick with. Planetside 2 is one of the few games that almost requires teamwork to really make the game fun. 

Yeah it first day of Planet Side is rough,

About once you clock a few hours (thinking 4+) You'll get the hang of it, lose a small bit of your life, piss off any friends/girl friends/wives you may have.  Hey some body has to knock those liberty's out of the sky, might as well be me.


Planetside 2 is nearly impossible to play without some sort of squad. Join a squad, follow the orders of the leader and you'll have a ton of objectives and lots of fun!