Need help with processors

So i was just wondering if it would be a good decision to get an AMD FX-8350 instead of an Intel core i7 3770 to save around 130 dollars to spend on other components. So what i'm asking you is, do you think this would be a good desicion and will there be a big difference in the performance?

Yeah The 8350 will give you a little less performance than the 3770, but it will allow you to save some money. Both cpu's are more geared towards rendering and other multi threaded applications though. If you're just going to be gaming, it'd probably be better to go with an i5 3570k. You'd still save $100 and the individual cores should be more powerful than the 8350


I do alot of gaming, but i also render videos. So would the 3570k be good for rendering aswell?

depends on the size, and how much... if you render a video like every week, then the i7 is for you, but if its just once in a while, go for the i5

The 8350 isn't all that much slower. I would say about 10% less performance. Go with the 8350. It's a good all around CPU. Get a good cooler and overclock!

Yeah. Considering i will be rendering almost daily it seems like a good choice. And if i feel the need to overclock i will. Thanks for the help! :D

I reccomend the noctua nh-d14 or thermalright silver arrow