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Need help with possible bugged house and how to detect


Anyone have any idea about bug detectors? What are good? What are bad? I am just helping someone that is not sure about being bugged, because their former partner was in the security industry but also was super controlling of the person and was abusive toward the person I am helping.

I am curious about this because I wouldn’t put it past the person that split. The person in question for months said he was going to leave, but then at some point got arrested due to domestic violence.

This is what I have found in terms of a RF Detector that has decent ratings.

I did not mention. I changed the routers for ones I bought and changed the modem for one that I had. So the modem she had as in the way of setup. he had remote access to the modem because it was a modem/router combo. So my modem and my routers. I also clean installed windows and suggested factory resetting her phone. He rooted her phone and disable the camera and stuff from outside sources “spying” on her.

It might be more paranoia, but I wouldn’t put it past this person. He had remote access to her computer and had deleted emails between her and other people.

I also had her setup two factor on her personal email and work emails. Also, I have disabled her wifi. She is just quite worried, because for years he put her through hell.



This personally sounds like he may have put tracking software on the phone. The excuse of disabling the camera just seems bazaar, are they also paranoid?

You don’t need to do this, just ensure that it is setup with a strong password, making their life difficult will only make them feel like there’s a constant threat.

This is the best thing you can do, have her change all her passwords, use a password manager with a strong master password that way all her accounts will have unique passwords. 2FA is a very good idea, especially for their email account.

As for bugs… If you think this might be the case, the easiest thing to do is to clean the place out, probably a good idea anyway, but if there were any you’d probably find them.

But it does seem like paranoia territory. The bugs if any exist are going to be software on their phone and computers, or web cams, etc. Bugs run out of power, they’d need access to the house to maintain them. If they were this bad, i imagine shed be hearing from him frequently as hed be that obsessed. I assume there’s a restraining order as well which is good.

In any case for actual detectors i cant help. But theres lots of better things you can do, you’ve done some of them. Be careful though not to put them in a place of perpetual fear by going overboard with your own paranoia.



If this hasn’t happened make sure you change the locks.



When I say I disabled her wifi. I should have been more clear. It is her desktops wifi. I put her on the lan. Using ethernet.

He became paranoid towards the end of their relationship. When ever she was like fifteen minutes late or for any reason would text something like this:
She is late teaching. He just starts questioning, where are you, why are you late who are you with. I believe he thought she was cheating on him.So yes he is paranoid in general. He also does drugs regularly. She is paranoid/anxious more recently because things ended poorly between them. As I said he is a security expert for corporations and stuff. So he would have the expertise to bug her.

I tried explaining this to her. So it is more anxiety than paranoia though. She fears him spying on her because she was abused. I guess it is not out of the realm of possibility that because he was the only person she knew that she trusted with her phone and computer setup and always went to him before myself or anyone else for tech support. She thinks he might be out to get her or something. Which I know he was during the relationship. The few times I met him he was controlling of her. Didn’t let her speak hardly ever and stuff like that.



I changed the locks like a month ago.

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