Need Help With Picking GPU

Hi I just finished my gaming rig and all i need is a graphics card. Ihave only 175 left over can you recommend one that canrun bf3 on high settings. Thanks so much this would be such a big help

This is the best card you're going to be able to get:

is it good cause i will defintly be buying another one to crossfire


It's a decent card, but I would recommend saving a little more money and grabbing a Radeon HD 7870 because it doesn't cost much more, and it does give you a pretty significant performance boost.

Here's a comparison between the two:

Keep in mind that those benchmarks weren't taken using the latest drivers, and AMD's drivers have improved greatly recently. The 7870 even outperforms the GTX 660 TI now.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7870:

That's only $210 after the mail-in rebate.

Two of the 7850s in crossfire would still be really nice though.

Yea, two 7850's in crossfire would be bice, but just go with the single 7870 and then in two years or something switch it out instead of buying another 7870 as corssfire can cause problems with some games/the drivers aren't always that good for with crossfire. That's also why alot of people recommend one powerful GPU instead of two less powerful, just as we do here.

i can get a 7850 for 130 from a friend is that a good deal

Yes I would guess it's a good deal, ofcourse I don't know which 7850 it is (who made it, MSI, ASUS etc.), or if it works at all.

I'm going to have to stop another person from slandering crossfire once again...*facepalm*

Unless you're going back in time to when crossfire was first invented, you're not going to run into any problems with it, or if you do, they'll be extremely minimal. Not to mention suggesting a single 7870 over two 7850s is a dumb idea. If you were suggesting a single 7970 then that would make more sense, but suggesting he go with a single mid range card that's only about 7-10 frames per second faster over the one he's already considering getting two of is just plain dumb.

And yes, $130 for a 7850 is a good deal considering most of them are between $180 and $200. I wouldn't buy it from him unless it's a 2GB version though.