Need help with PC

Hello my name is Steven and I planning on building a gaming PC. But I need to know will I bottleneck with a AMD FX-6350 and a EVGA GTX 780? I just need to know it is my first time building and really need help, Thank you 

Hey Steve, i have that CPU clocked at 4.5Ghz and its pretty not running a GTX 780 but i am running a HD 7950 @ 1100/1575 and i get almost 100% cpu utilization in games that are more GPU bound. id say you would be okay if you have the extra cash id go for the 8320 its only about $20 more and you get the extra cores :) oh if you want to see the performance of my system here is my channel..lots of videos on there to look at enjoy

It really shouldn't. You may see lower frame rates, especially at higher resolutions (1440p+), than on an FX-8350 or an Intel 4770k and the like, but it shouldn't bottleneck at 1080p. 

That is a very serious card though. You want to build a balanced system. Not too CPU or GPU heavy. 

May I ask you what you will be doing with this PC? Gaming only or productivity work as well like rendering and video editing?

What is your budget? How much are you willing to spend and does that include an OS an accessories like a mouse, keyboard and monitor?

What resolutions will you be playing at?

Do you want to max every game or get decent visuals and save a bit of cash? 

Lastly what games do you play most often?