Need help with pc parts

hey tek syndicate community! i am about to build my first pc, and i have a pretty good idea of what parts to get. i will list the specs

fractal design r5 window

intel 4790k + be quiet dark rock 3

asus z97 ranger (already bought this item, since it was on 20% sale)

16gb corsair ddr3 1600mhz (already bought this item aswell since it was also on 20% sale)

evga g2 850w psu (I'm planning to possibly do SLI in the future, and with 3 hdd's and one ssd plus overclocking)

samsung 850 evo 240gb

1tb ? hdd (games)

1tb ? hdd (video recording/editing stuffs)

2 ? hdd (storage)

gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 970


But however, I'm sitting here and watching the asus strix 970 on a 10% discount.. i feel like i should buy this graphicscard now instead of the gigabyte one. what do you guys think? i don't know what brand to go with on the hdd's, hence the questionmarks. do you recommend wd? seagate? 


I also want fans in my system, ofcourse, but i'm not sure if i should go with be quiet! fans to match the cpu cooler and they look great imo and they're quiet, but they don't move a whole bunch of air.. it's between them and bitfenix spectre pro which moves double the amount of air, but they aren't really optimized for silence at all.. sooo.. yeah..


what do you guys recommend? i really need help with the GPU, should i go for the strix one instead since it's on a nice discount? would love replies! :) oh wait i should probably tell you guys what i'm doing with the system, yeah i think i should.


so i'll be doing video editing, recording gameplay at 1080 or 1440p, and i'll be gaming alot basically. doing let plays and such. 

thanks for your time :)

If the Strix GTX 970 is 10% cheaper than the Gigabyte, or any similar GTX 970, then just grab it.  It's a good price, and still a good card.

I'm personally a WD fan.

As for fans, I think you should give the stock case fans a try.  Fractal Design's Silent Series are actually pretty good.

i'm just a bit worried about the asus card will sag.. i've heard lots of things about asus cards are sagging alot, from all series 9xx and 7xx, so that's the only thing that's holding me back, do you have any experience with this?

and what wd drives are you using? how are they working out? :P


oh right i almost forgot that cases comes with fans xD i really want something to match the rest of the build, but i'll give them a try! after all, upgrading fans isn't really a big problem anyway..

Well, the Strix should have a nice backplate that keeps it rigid.  I haven't had any problems with GPU sagging as of yet.

I've got WD Blues.  They've been working great.  The only hard drive that has died of regular usage that I personally know of is Seagate, and hence I tend to pay a couple extra dollars if there's a WD option.  There are a lot of Seagate fans that claim to have a similar story, but with WD and Seagate switched.

ahh, i see :P decided to pull the trigger on the strix card, and it's already been shipped out :P


what are you using your wd blues for? games? storage?

Can't it have both games & storage?

i want it to be separated to each own harddrive :P dunno if thats a good idea though. will add noise, heat and power consumtpion to my system.. so much stuffs to decide .-.


would you use be quiet fans in the chassi as intake/exhaust, for silence and a bit of airflow or use another fan that focuses more on airflow, not so much on silence? i cant really decide what fan to go for.. im leaning towards be quiet just to match the cpu cooler but i want solid airflow aswell

It's really up to you.  The GTX 970 is pretty efficient, and therefore don't exhaust as much heat into the case compared to other cards like the R9 290.

The Define R5 still has some pretty good airflow while also having really good acoustic performance.

As for the hard drives, they're hard drives.  They store stuff - whether it be games or movies or music.  I suppose you could have a performance benefit by having more drives, but it's really not something to stress about.

thanks alot for everything :P you've definitly cleared some things up for me :D