Need help with new headphones ~150

Hey everyone I am looking for some new headphones and could use some help.  I currently use my Razer Kraken Pro's for music. As much as I love the bass response from them I want something with a more true and detailed sound. I listen to metal, hardstyle, and some rap. So obviously I do like some   bass. Here's what I've been looking at so far. 

Vmoda crossfade lp 

Scoche Rh1056md

Sony mdr7506

Senheiser 558

Audio technica M50x

What would you find the best for my purposes?  I plan on getting a superlux  668b in the near future as well.  Any suggestions is appreciated too. My phone will be powering these for a month until I can afford the rest of a setup. Thank you all in advance. 

Hp150. For metal and rap, I love them (or rather, I love the HP100 that I have which sound more or less the same). Easy to drive, good all around. You can find reviews online for it or the HP100 if you are interested in seeing how they sound.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.  I'll have a chance to go to go try a friend's Audio technica m50x's. Do you know how the hp150's sound compared to those? 


Less bass, more mids, more detail, more neutral sound, more open sound stage.

Thank you very much.  I went with the hp150's and at first I didn't think I liked them.  However I just wasn't used to the sound signature.  Now that I am,  these are by far the best headphones I've heard.  Every detail is crisp,  clean,  and just all around amazing.  Thank you very much as I would've passed over these otherwise. I can for see using these for a good while. Thanks.  

As a 558 owner, I'll tell you right now not to buy them if you're looking for lots of bass.  It's present, but it takes a back seat to the mids.

I am glad that you are happy. Detail can be a bit jarring if you aren't used to it. I would be interested in hearing what you think now that some more time has passed.

Definitely! Sorry for the late reply just been busy and unable to check the forums. I use the headphones about 7 hours a day 6 times a week for every day since purchase. I really wasn't enjoying them at because of how forward different aspects of my music was that I had never heard before. I stuck with them and really enjoy how they sound. The comfort is amazing which was very important due to how much I listen to music. Sound isolation is also pretty good despite only being passive. I use these as a passenger in a car for a 7 hour round trip after school and make the same trip once on the weekends. They get a little dirty on the covers but cleaning is as simple as a microfiber. The bass in hardstyle, rap, and other "bassier" music is there, but not overpowering at all. Its a compliment to the highs and mids, and when I put these on after getting adjusted, there was no words to it. I actually felt the music, not the rumbling bass, but the connection of an artist and just overall amazement. Everything just sounds right, and the detail is amazing. Im actually getting a second pair just because I like them that much. I can't thank you enough for the reccomondation. I just finished reccomending them myself. I wish there could be a video on these to get the word out.

I have been asking Logan to do a review on them for ages now. I even offered to lend him my pair (I have the HP100, but they are sonically the same as the HP150 from what I know). He just doesn't seem interested in anything that isn't either 1. Beyerdynamic or 2. available at Mayflower Electronics. At least in that price range. Maybe with more support for them here on the forums, he will feel impelled to make a video about them. I have been recommending them on a pretty regular basis for a while now on this forum. A hand full of people so far have gotten them, if I remember correctly and all of them are pleased so far. I am not use how you couldn't be after getting past teh jarring nature of decently accurate audio.

I was actually going to offer to send him my pair. Also the Hp 150 / 100 use the same drivers as confirmed by a rep. I'm sure he would enjoy the sound of these, as with many on this forum. Also, it'd be nice for someone with a following to suggest something other than the m50x in this price range. I might just have to ask another reviewer to give them a try. The card I got with my pair had the number 3667. The m50's have 4,500 reviews on amazon. Soundmagic deserves to get more notoriety. Almost all of their products have glowing reviews. And its nice to see a company pay attention to detail especially in the packaging I got.

Having accurate audio is a double edged sword however. I got a pair of Samsung level over's for my Note 4. They are wireless with apt-x and also have anc. But wow it took some playing around to get it just right so I could still enjoy my music when in BT mode. Audio just isn't the same anymore after my hp 150's lol.

You get spoiled by the audio.
Linus has a pair of HP100s in his office. They belong to one of this workers, I saw them in a video once (on someone's desk during a whole room water cooling video). It would be nice if he reviewed them as well considering how many people watch his videos.

Yeah definitely. However I don't think LTT has the same audio minded followers like Logan has. Still, any publicity would be good publicity.