Need help with new build

So I recently built my very own computer and I was completely finished so I went ahead and plugged in a monitor to get going, but when I plugged in the monitor and turned the pc on everything inside the pc booted up just fine all the fans the gpu the cpu cooler the harddrives and the leds on the motherboard but I couldnt get a signal to the monitor. I tried several different monitors and none worked. is it a bad motherboard? Did I not plug something in properly? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

This is going to sounds like i'm insulting your intellegence, I assure you I'm not:

is the moniter power cable plugged in? also, what data cable are you using from your pc to the moniter?

could you give us some more details about your build?


Are you using DVI or HDMI? Go into the settings on your monitor and select auto or which ever cable your using.

i resolved it had a bad stick of ram that wasnt posting :/ stupid free ram.