Need help with my PSU and RAM situation

Okay so I have had my system for about 3 and a half years now and I have been told recently that it really could use some help ( namely what I have written in the title). I have a 430W PSU and every wattage calculator I have used has only ever told me I needed quite a bit less than 430, but my friend (who is a game dev and has been building PC's for a while) told me that I needed more power. I did notice that my GPU was barely getting up there in usage when I was playing games, so I decided to step down my overclock on my CPU, I just put it back at stock speeds. I have made a previous post about my RAM, and I know what I should do for it, but I am strapped for cash in terms of PC parts. So I would like to know what the best thing to do for my system would be, in terms of what will get me the performance I should be getting in games, I have a low budget for PSU's if you think I should get a better one. Thank you in advance -Cody

Your PSU isn't limiting your performance. You have a 760k and a 650 Ti. Even with an insane OC on the 760K it shouldn't pull that much power. My guess for your low CPU usage is down to the games you play. Either they are games that don't take much juice or your CPU is bottlenecking you. The CX430 is a decent PSU and I actually have a system with one of those and a 650 Ti in it. You're fine.


Thank you sir! Now, the only issue left to combat would be my RAM, I have a ghetto set up with it going on and I have no idea how it's working so I am thinking that it might be holding me back a little.

EDIT: if not, then I don't know why I'm not getting the same performance others are! I play games like Skyrim, and The Forest, and CSGO but that runs really well.


6GB in what I'm guessing is a 4GB and 2Gb arrangement isn't ideal but it won't hold you back really.

Skyrim? Well there is your answer. Skyrim is CPU single core dependent. Your 760K is bottlenecking you.

Well, they are two different sticks, from different manufacturers, and their timings are different! Well, here's the thing about my Skyrim, I can run it fine and dandy without any graphics mods at practically full settings (just not 1080p because I cant do that, I am poor and cant afford a good monitor).