Need help with my new pc

i just finished building my new pc. I didnt have enough money for a new OS, so i took a hard drive out of my old pc and put it in this one. I started it and chose windows xp professional. some screens popped up, and then it returned me to choose windows xp again. i did it and it told me that there was a problem. it said that if i added a new hard drive or had a virus or things like that it wouldnt work. so i restarted it. and the same problem is reoccuring. idk what to do. can someone tell me how to fix this?

my rig:

fx 8350

r9 280

gigabyte 990fxa ud3

1tb seagate barracuda

8gb gskill trident x

160gb seagate barracuda (windows xp drive)


Don't quote me on this but I believe windows prevents you from being able to change motherboards... I'm not sure about XP but windows 7 for sure is that way. I'm not sure what to say other than maybe get a free version of Linux for the time being (I recommend Ubuntu) and then when you have enough cash for windows 7 or 8 you can create a dual boot and make Windows your primary use operating system. Sorry man good luck :/ 

Thats quite a good system as well, I'd actually recommend Ubuntu (which I don't even use primarily) over XP any day, because XP is just so dated... It's almost like an insult to your system xD

Almost forgot. You'll want to install Ubuntu on your new Barricuda and to get it you will need access to another working computer and a free burning software such as Daemon tools lite. There's plenty of tutorials online of what to do but basically you burn Ubuntu to a disk and use it like any windows disk. I'm not entirely sure if you can make a bootable usb flash drive with Ubuntu but with a quick google search you'll have your answer. Once again, good luck.

thanks. the r9 280 is my brothers. i plan on getting the 280x

In most cases you're going to have a bad time taking an old Windows install and trying to run it on completely different hardware.  Even in cases where it does run, you'll usually experience crashes and general system instability.  

yeah i just got ubuntu linux instead

When my ASUS board died I swapped it out for an MSI board and it worked instantly on Windows 7. I haven't had a hitch.