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Need help with my gaming pc

Hello, I’d like to build a computer for gaming and for work. I would run virtual machines and also emulate games. I would play open world games like Rdr2, Witcher, gta5. I am also really into shooters like bf, fortnite, PU battleground. I need a gpu, cpu, cooler cpu, motherboard.

I have bought other parts through out the year. I waited to purchase till November to get the ryzen 3950x I think I will get it judt because I waited for the part. I’m willing to change my mind. Please just leave your recommendations. I need a motherboard that has 3 m. 2 drives because I bought two and plan on getting a 3rd one(2tb).

I live in the US and I’m willing to spend 1200 on the motherboard and cpu. I’d prefer amd. I think I’m going to buy a amd 580 right now and I’ll get the new rtx 3080 when it comes out.

Thank you for the help!

Budget and country?

Just making sure, do you have DDR4 RAM and a power supply already?

Hello I should have written that I live in the US and that I have purchased some of the parts. I have the
case(define r6), psu 750W, ram ddr4 32gb 3200mhz, mouse, keyboard, storage 2 m.2 (drives drives samsung 860, 970 and plan on buying a 2TB m.2 intel 660p)