Need help with my Build (Case Decision)

Hey everyone, I'm brand new to the build a PC community. Been looking at videos and wanna start to build my own. I want something that has room and keeps cool. I picked this one and have questions.

I see it has a bunch of 5" bays for BluRay/DVD drives, but I want to have an SSD for my OS and want to have 1 or 2 possible HHD for games/media. Any other ideas or good cases? I'm very new to everything with PC Building.

I wanna pair it up with this CPU and Motherboard combo.

And this GPU


If you are going to get a 670 4gb why not pay a little more and get 7970 or a 680 they're only $20-40 more that a 670 4gb.

If he'll be using only one monitor at 1080p, 2GB of VRAM will be plenty

i like this case and am tempted to purchase it by the end of the year, seeing as my new CPU Fan restricts a fair amount of airflow, also the Haf X case is very good, or a Corsair 800D seem to be the best case around, if you can afford it tho

Only one Monitor, not big on multiple monitors (even tho I use them at work). Im Gonna be using on 22" 1080p Screen (Which I already have). I also have a razer Naga for the mouse and a Blackwidow Ultimate I use for my current gaming so I won't need to spend money on those and wanna put the extra money towards the Tower and everything inside. Any other recomendations for anything else. And whats the diffence in real life use with the 670 and 7970? I use a 6770 on my MacBook Pro (I know don't kill me, I use it for a lot of Photo and video editting and HATE windows for it) and love it when I bootcamp it for games.