Need help with monitor/GPU choice

I am new to Tek Syndicate (killer site) but not new at all to buildings PCs. I am however in uncharted territory when it comes to 4k monitor setups. What I am specifically trying to do is get 3 of the Achieva Shimians running in 4k on an ASUS MARS 760 card.

Can this card handle this kind of setup and what would the cable setup look like since it only has one dual link DVI on the back of the card? I am not going to be doing any surround gaming at all. I will only use the middle monitor for gaming but still want the side monitors at 4k for other multitasking purposes. I am open to suggestions on other cards as well but I do not want to run cross fire or SLI. I want to stick with a single card. Thanks.

It may be difficult to run such a high resolution with only two GTX 760s.

Yeah after doing some more research I agree. I may have to get an AMD with 3 display ports although I prefer Nvidia.

You may need some GTX 770s or 780s in SLI with a nice 4GB of frame buffer if you want a good playing experience.  You don't have to go with AMD, if you don't want to.  The R9 290 is a great card for this type of application, though.