Need help with linux

I just built a gaming PC and downloaded ubuntu linux. I do not have a wireless adapter, nor do i have a router in my room. So what i did was go into the room where my router was and downloaded steam, google chrome, and all of my games that work on linux. I then took my computer back to my room. I chose to use steam in offline mode. However, whenever i try to open a game (ex: metro last light) It opens it for a split second, and then it disappears. It says I last played the game today. I just want to know why it wont let me open my games. 

Note: this is happening with all of my linux available titles (witcher 2, euro truck simulator 2, metro last light, and trine 2)

I am not sure if this can help you. But ... It might be helpful if you try to open one of your games through the command line and see what it tells you why it crashed or what it did.

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Try to download proprietary drivers

I don't know exactly, but I would try and download all the updates on Ubuntu. Then, make sure all you steam games are updated and the clients.  If that doesn't work, then type the name of your graphics card.