Need help with Knights Ferry/Larrabee drivers

I have a test bench set up which I’m using to test some Xeon Phis. I have installed MPSS and got two Xeon Phi 5110Ps working, however the Knights Ferry card I have does not appear in MPSS and micctrl does not interact with the card.
The card seems to appear in Device Manager as “Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor” however I think there must be a driver issue.
I am using a Gigabyte GA-H110TN-E motherboard with Above 4G Decoding enabled.
I would really appreciate some help.


Just throwing stuff at the wall since nobody else seems to have an idea…

Are you trying to run all 3 cards at once? If yes, have you tried running only the one unrecognised one alone?

I’m just trying to run the KNF/LRB card by itself. Sorry for the confusion, I was just saying that I have previously had KNC cards working on that system.
The KNF uOS seems to boot according to Event Viewer under the name micx64, but I cannot SSH into or start the card with micctrl.

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did your card come with a BIOS chip? just curious. also is there any actual video outputs like DVI, HDMI, etc?

Hi Erek,
The card comes with a BIOS chip soldered to the board, so this is a more production grade board. There are solder points on the board for video outputs, however no video outputs are present.
I’m basically just trying to get it working as a coprocessor and then I can try some other stuff with it.

I see, we found a BIOS chip from a Revision 2 Larrabee that allows for the card to be detected as a Co-processor, but the MPSS Software doesn’t work


Sorry for the late reply, contacted Intel and they were replying to my request to get it working, however I don’t think they believed me when I said it was an Aubrey Isle/KNF card and it was only when I sent photos of the card they they basically said “we know nothing” and that they don’t provide support for it.

I don’t know how many cards exist, but I know that there are quite a few revisions.

LTT’s card intrigues me the most. The fact that it has a blue PCB is very odd. Seems like it’s an almost production grade card.
I know that you and Slaventus have the black PCB revisions. This one I have is I think the last revision (Fab F) and has no video ports soldered to the board, however the solder points are there and it shares the same board design as the other black PCB revisions.

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