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Need help with Knights Ferry/Larrabee drivers

I have a test bench set up which I’m using to test some Xeon Phis. I have installed MPSS and got two Xeon Phi 5110Ps working, however the Knights Ferry card I have does not appear in MPSS and micctrl does not interact with the card.
The card seems to appear in Device Manager as “Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor” however I think there must be a driver issue.
I am using a Gigabyte GA-H110TN-E motherboard with Above 4G Decoding enabled.
I would really appreciate some help.

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Just throwing stuff at the wall since nobody else seems to have an idea…

Are you trying to run all 3 cards at once? If yes, have you tried running only the one unrecognised one alone?

I’m just trying to run the KNF/LRB card by itself. Sorry for the confusion, I was just saying that I have previously had KNC cards working on that system.
The KNF uOS seems to boot according to Event Viewer under the name micx64, but I cannot SSH into or start the card with micctrl.

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did your card come with a BIOS chip? just curious. also is there any actual video outputs like DVI, HDMI, etc?

Hi Erek,
The card comes with a BIOS chip soldered to the board, so this is a more production grade board. There are solder points on the board for video outputs, however no video outputs are present.
I’m basically just trying to get it working as a coprocessor and then I can try some other stuff with it.