Need help with installing a switch for a led light bar

As the title says I need help with installing a switch for a led light bar.

Product links:



for those who dont want to look its a 12vdc 30a led switch and a 12vdc 1.5w led strip

Diagram on the switch looks something like:








Now here is my issue. The wires on the strip are labeled + and -. I figure I put the negative wire from the led strip to the earth as well as the wire that would have connected with it from the molex. Then hook the positive wire from the led strip to the load. And finally hook the wire that would have been connected to the positive from the molex to the supply. Now I tested this on a crappy PSU I have that came with some case I bought, and it worked just fine for a few switches then the psu died and wont come back to life. Not a big deal, but I still want to get this led strip working with a switch.

Now in hind site I might have swapped the places were I put the positives. Would this cause the PSU failure?

I did something similar, although I was connecting five fans through a switch in parallel. 

You want it like this: yellow wire from molex connector to switch, from switch to plus wire on the strip, then minus fire from the strip to black wire on molex connector.

thanks that did the trick. 


Anyone know what I did to my psu and if there is a fix for it too?