Need Help With Graphics Card pls

Currently have the MSI X99S SLI PLUS motherboard. Going to be buying the I7 5960X. Was curious as to what is the best video card for gaming out there. Like, what would be the best choice, money is not an option, going to water cool, and can do multiple cards. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. - Eddie

GTX 980. Currently the fastest out there at the moment. If you're planning on 4K gaming than get an 8GB 290X.

Personally, I would just wait until AMDs new stuff drops. 

Update: I was thinking about getting two ASUS R9 290x's with crossfire connection. But the ASUS one only has 1 DP, the Diamond brand has 4 mini DP's. Also looking at the titan but again, im new to the video cards and want THE BEST, nothing else.

Was going for 3 to 6, 4k monitors, and when are they coming out with the new stuff? Thanks for the info btw.

290x x2 Vapor X 8GB :D

BTW, what are you buying the 5960x for? I'm guessing you use your computer for work or some serious money making?

For gaming only your really wasting money going with the 5960x or even X99 for that matter. I actually get worse FPS with my 5960x in games then I did with my 4790k rig...but, my render times are abit faster which is nice because I do a lot for work and I live off my computer. If money is really just falling off tree's and someone is buying the computer for you or whatever, go with a better motherboard, that's really a cheapo board for X99, I would go with the X99 E-WS by Asus, that's the one I got and it's the best friggin x99 board out there, it's really amazing. You shouldn't buy a cheap board and then buy an $1,100 CPU and $2000 on graphics cards that would be silly.

Got money to blow and just wanna get the best of the best and not have to worry about it.

I went off of the specs when buying. The motherboard i bought had everything i wanted. And im buying it. I have just saved up $6500 for this and just got 1500 for my tax return. What did you do for ram?

Get that "Gotta have the best mentality" out your head, things get outdated all the time, a 5960x tends to get outperformed in gaming scenarios by a 4790k if you really have the money to blow, and you already have the X99 motherboard, just grab 16gb of memory, and the 5930k, Two GTX 980s or two 290x, and you'll be fine.

You could pick up 2 980's right now OR wait a couple of weeks for the GPU conference incase they announce something better.

Also 6 4k monitors seems a bit foolish, 3 should be fine.

Nvidia's probably going to announce either a 980ti or a Titan, I'm going to take a bet on the Titan considering they released the Titan Black Edition around this time last year.

Guess I'll be waiting for that. And as far as ram goes, i hear the 3333 MHrz isnt much better at all than 3000 or 2800. Any first hand experience with that?

There isn't a difference that can be felt but a lot of the higher clocked stuff is having problems keeping stable 

Thanks, I'll probably get 32GB of 2800 or 2600.


The 980 Kingpin is the ultimate card, plus it has a powerful RAMDAC for degredation-free BNC or VGA connection to extremely high resolution and refresh rate (powerful enough to do stuff that no monitor supports, like 4096x3072@85Hz) CRTs and laser projectors.