Need help with GPU choices

I'm currently doing my first pc build and I'm in a bit stymied with the gpu choice. At first I wanted to go with a radeon hd 7970/ r9 280x (especially with mantle coming out), but since they are sold out everywhere and prices are insane I've started looking to nvidia.

So, now I'm choosing between the evga gtx 770 2gb or the evga gtx 770 4gb. Is the 4gb flavor worth the extra $70? I intend to use this with one 1080p monitor, and mainly play fps games like bf4, ps2, cs:go, etc. Other than the gaming, I'll occasionally be using photoshop, but thats about it.

Here's the link to the build:

Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated!

The 2GB should do you just fine. 

Good selection of components. I'm just worried about the PSU. The CX line is meant for basic/office machines. You have a performance machine.Try looking at the TX line and above from Corsair. Antec,XFX and Seasonic make good PSUs as well.

As mentioned above,you'll be fine with the 2gb version as you'll only be playing on a single monitor.

Sweet, looks like I can save some money and go the 2gb route.

Thanks for the recommendations for PSUs. And as far as PSU's go, I'm completely clueless. So the corsair tx750m would be a good choice? (I'm assuming 750w is enough for this build).

If you're not intending on a serious overclock and running multiple GPUs later on,you'll be fine with a 600W PSU