Need help with First Pc Build

I am building my very first pc and unsure if I am on the right track. 


At the moment I am thinking of these parts:

motherboard- Asrock B75 Pro3-M

cpu- Intel Core i5 3470

gpu- Sapphire Radeon HD7870 2GB GHZ Edition OC

memory- Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 (2x4GB) DDR3

harddrive- OCZ Vertex 4 128GB SSD and Western Digital WD Blue 500GB WD5000AAKX

power supply- Corsair CX-500 V3 

case- CoolerMaster CM 690 II Advanced USB 3.0


Is this build ok, to handle most games at 1900x1200 on a 24inch monitor? and is 500w for a power supply enough to run the system?

My buget is about $1000-1500 but would like to get the most bang for bucks for my money. I live in Australia.

Thanks in advance. 

Personally I would bump up the power supply. I'd be more comfortable with 850W

Yep higher power supply.

I would myself preference the i5 3570k, 1TB Caviar Black.  Corsair TX 650 would be the minimum that I'd be comfortable with.  And perhaps an Asus P8 Z77-v motherboard.  Sometimes it's better to stretch the budget a bit, hold off and save some more.

Just my 2 cents, otherwise your pretty much on the right track.  Just be sure to check the Motherboards QVL (Qualified Vendors List) for Ram compatability.

if your budget is 1k-1500 then

I just built this system for a friend




Hard drive (optional)


Video card


Power supply

CD dvd burner


theres better coolers but this one keeps his i7 @4.6 just around 70c. costs just over 1.3k for all over this

if you go for the H100 go with this case

the zalman cass will not fit the H100

 you will also need one extra sata cable

Thanks for all your advices.

You all have suggested a much higher wattage power supply, is that really needed to run a pc that will not be overclock and everything will be running at stock level. I am not planning to do anything fancy and just have the bare essential needed to run most games comforabtly, and I would like to save as much as possible, so more to buy maybe equipments and games.

If you are upgrading (which you probably will) You may not have enough power, which is bad. Seriously, spend a couple more bucks for a PSU that will last you much longer.

850watt is too much. The power supply will not be running efficiently. Even 650 is a lot for a single 7870.

Thanks Kingxraph, you bought up a very good point. So will be a Corsair Builder Series CX600 V2 be plently enough for now and the future, it is 600w.

I mostly am happy with the parts I have chosen, but is stuck on choice for motherboard. I am planning to get the Intel i5 3470 as it is the best deal here in Australia(said shop owner) and I dont plan to overclock so the i5 3570k would be a waste. What is a good motherboard with the essential features? I dont need to overclock nor load it up with more then just one video card.


True 850W is more than what he needs however I always like to allow for growth. It is not like the power supply is going to push too much for this system. Later however he can pull more from the power supply. That was my thought process.

600w is more than enough for what your sticking with.  Corsair also have the GS 600w with a blue LED fan if that's your thing.

Sapphire is also a good choice for Radeon cards.

thanks Bogan.

It looks like I am going ahead with my build then. 


Thanks for everybody help.

gwt an ASrock Z77 extreme4 or 6, the 4 is equaivalent to the asus mobo u posted, but cheaper. actually, asus mobo's are not as good as they used to be anyways