Need help with first boot

Parts list

asrock B75M-dgs

XFX 7970

i5 3570k

thermaltake 700w psu

toshiba 2tb hard drive 

corisair 16gb vengeance 

windows 7 

the computer won't boot the power button works fine on the case and the psu works fine but I won't boot I get my fans to twitch and that's it I need help

ok in situacion like this it's good to start on a basic process of elimination, start removing components until you post, but first check that everything is plugged in correctly


Is the PSU toggle-switch turned on?

if the toggle switch was off the fans wouldn't twitch

Double check your 4 pin and 24 pin power supply leads are inserted correctly.

Also, ensure your cpu cooler is installed properly.  Those pushpins can be a little flakey if you're using stock cooler.

After that try inserting 1 ram module at a time and ensure proper seating.

edit* also check video card power lead, and also try without video card.  Ensure onboard graphics is enabled in bios when booting without the vidcard.