Need help with fans

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I builded my new pc few days ago but i have a problem.. I have a asrock b85m pro4 and the case is the k350 and the case comes with a front fan that i cant connect i dont know why.. Can someone give me some tips ?

Here's the fan headers I could spot in a moment's notice on your motherboard:

If the fan's wire thing (pffft can't think of an appropriate word here) looks like this:
...stick it into one of the headers on the motherboard circled green. there's two plastic fins/a guide as you can see on the top of the wire pictured above that lines up with a tab on the motherboard's fan header, make sure they line up.

Otherwise if it looks like this (3-pin):

...stick it into any, there's a guide as you can see on the top of the wire pictured above again. There'll obviously be one pin left to the side if you're plugging it into a 4-pin fan header (one of the ones circled in green).

[size=10]*plastic/wire colours may vary (duh)[/size]


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Thanks for the great reply but.. Im still having problems.. The fan comes with like some weird adapters.. I can take them off and use the 3 pin but the cable is rlly short.. I conected the 3 pin to that red circle that u put.. The ir1 , but nothing..

Well, it's a fan header for sure. There's one fan header I didn't circle, it's horizontal in the image I provided above, just up and to the left of the CPU socket, it's annotated on the motherboard as "CPU_FAN2" I think, you might be able to reach to there if you haven't used it for your CPU cooler already.

Try taking the fan out of the case and using different headers. Might have to turn it off and on again after plugging it in to get it to spin up. Either that or it might be disabled in your BIOS or something. Try some other fans if it still doesn't work, perhaps (your stock cooler should do, just don't go unplugging it and plugging it back in again elsewhere while your PC's running). If that works your fan might be DOA, and if your CPU cooler doesn't work either then the motherboard's probably to blame.

One of those adapters might be to molex. Look something like this?

<img src="" height=400)

If it is, that plugs straight into a molex cable from your PSU. You can power the fan that way if you so wish, just note it'll run the fan at full speed at all times (you won't be able to control the fan speed through your BIOS etc.).

Yeah i think its one of those molex.. I tryed to conect to the PSU but was having probs só i thought it didnt fit.. Will try tommorow again :D , thanks!

Those molex adapters in particular even when you're plugging it into the cable the right way the pins move around a fair bit, it can be a bit of a challenge to hold the cable and wiggle the adapter a bit as you slide it into the cable right way up so all the pins slide into their respective holes nice and straight. Patience and gentle but firm hands and good lighting so you can see how the pins in the cable and pins in the adapter move around.

read the manual

Thanks everyone its working now
I read the manual but the 3 pin didnt reach to the places i needed and the molex i tryed it to connect to the psu but i didnt want to break nothing so i didnt do much pressure.. But once again THANKS :D