Need Help With Emulators

Hello, I just wanted to know if downloading emulators will give me viruses? I wanted to play some PS2 games but I don't know where to download the emulator and the games ( i want a trustworthy website). I don't want to download the games from a random website and then have to deal with a virus.

Well this is a tricky subject since emulated games are a bit of a grey area and the site has some rules about mentioning it or linking to it.

I don't know exactly what you can say but places like like CR and EMUP are good me thinks. Not that I would know.....

I suggest you to use emulators that are on github. Much safer. Better support.

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Few years ago I did get my emulators and plugins from here, and they even have Texas Instrument calculator in there. :D
All those files have source links to GitHub, so even if you wont download it from that site you can use that as very solid list for all emulators, and easily track how active its development is.

Emulators have so many revisions that its like getting daily updates for Skyrim mod sort of hook, and some really do update daily. is a very trustworthy site to get the emulators. Games and bios files are illegal to download, though. You're gonna have to source those yourself.

Besides the website i just mentioned, get the emulators from their official sites. That way you get the latest versions, and its perfectly safe. I have to say it's gonna take some common sense about what sites you should or shouldn't trust. Don't just google search for emulators cause you might end up somewhere you regret

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These are pretty much the only things I use. (Doesn't mean there aren't other safe places out there) These two pretty much have every thing covered!

Did use that emuparadise like ten years ago, but then I started to pay attention to release dates and found there being years more updates without any official releases. Thats the reason I found emucr in the first place, then also noted plugins having their own updates and that made me move off from official releases.

One thing I just couldnt do last time I played PS1 was DX11 plugin, but I recall using it in PS1 emulator like 2010 as I got my HD 5850.