Need Help with custom build. (solved)

Hi people, ive build my first computer with exactly the parts teksyndicate suggest in their: build a 400$ pc video (different case only and ive added a hard drive from an old computer). So ive plugged everything but when i tried to install windows on the ssd, heres what i get: Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS i went to the bios menu (biostar) and i saw in the sata page that only the Dvd drive shows up....not the ssd and not even the hdd. Ive tried to deplug and plug it back, to plug only the ssd...but nothing seems to work. So please can a good person give me a little bit of his time just to help me figure it out? Thanks alot :)

some ssd's have to be updated to their latest firmware before you can yous them with windows as a boot drive. did you plug the ssd in to the sata port that the dvd was in. and i would get a ubuntu dvd and see if you can boot from a live cd (or usb) that way you can see if the drive is dead or if the MB is bad. 

Yup ive tried everything..for 2 days now....ive tried 3 different hard drives now but 0 are even shown in the bios.....i think i should just send back all the motherboard and get a new one?

Have you tried flashing the BIOS? Worth a shot before you send it back... I mean when I was building a PC with a Bulldozer CPU, it wouldn't recognise it until I flashed the BIOS, and I had already sent the RMA request at that point haha.

Yeah i was thinking to flash it before....but the problem is that because no hdd or ssd are recognised i cant flash from windows anyways ill try to give a try thanks :D

Nope it didnt work as well....i think i have a bad Motherboard ...

read your bios manual, on a AMD board I used for a customer when in ACHI mode, the last two ports were only available in in windows with a ACHI driver and not bios so switch the sata ports with the DVD drive and see, read you manual too

What i tried : - plugged the hard drives on other computers, they were working

-switched ports and sata cables, not working

-plugged with the sata used by the dvd drive ...not working

-went to the bios menu, under south bridge...i tried sb sata AHCi mode, IDE mode, legacy IDE mode....not working

-I flashed the bios....not working

-Plugged everything alone....Nope

Only the dvd drive can be detected in the bios: So my conclusions are maybe the PSU isnt good enough for hard drives and ssd or the MoBo is Bad.....Anyways ive sent it back (the mobo)RMA to newegg today and ill try again. I'll keep you informed guys cuz i know im not only one lost with this problem...Thank you u guys for helping :D really apreciated

Finally got a new mobo...working perfectly (thx to all of u guys)....the problem was really the mobo.....and ppl dont forget to check your psu if its on 230v rather than on 150v.